Last Minute Halloween Costumes!

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This was going to be uploaded on the morning of Halloween but I had problems saving it before I left to go out of town for the weekend. I got home yesterday (November 4th) sooooo its better late than never, right?! Thank you to everyone who helped!! Deviled Egg – Jasmine Velma – Meghan Tonjes Bitch – Jenna Blackmail – Leesha Dog Whisperer – Michael Under The Weather – Nick Used Condom – Gloria Booze Hound – Justine Black Widow – Dari Leprechaun – Nicky Nail Lady – Suzy (Stick a fork in me, I’m) Done – Tiffany Well Hung – Brooke If you want to see photos & a few small video clips from Halloweekend I’ll be posting a video on my non makeup channel within the next couple of days. Make sure you check it out! my necklace is from here:

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