Learn How To Prepare The Most Disgusting Halloween Recipes Ever

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To stimulate one’s appetite, presentation is key. Food that looks appealing can get people crave for them. If you’re looking for added fun and gross dishes for your upcoming Halloween party, here are some ideas that are sure to be a big hit and is sure to really make party guests scream in delight.

Pimple Poppers


1 dozen cherry tomatoes, drained

Soft cream cheese spread, flavored

Core the tomatoes using a small knife. Stuff the holes with cream cheese using a butter knife. By gently squeezing them, you give the gross idea of popping out a pimple. Arrange onto a platter and serve.

Hairball salad in drool dressing


1 ripe avocado


Grated carrots

Vinaigrette or any salad dressing of your choice

Cut the avocado in half and remove the pit. Scoop out the flesh and put in a bowl adding the sprouts and mashing it using a fork. Having some lumps is fine. Set aside. Then, distribute the grated carrots evenly depending on how many servings you like. Form hairballs the size of walnuts and put them over on your grated carrots. Then drizzle the salad dressing, which constitutes the ‘drool’. Serve.

Ghoulish Eyeballs


6 hardboiled eggs

6 oz. cream cheese, whipped

7 oz green olives, with pimiento

Red food color


Remove the shell off the eggs and remove the yolks. Stuff the hole with whipped cream cheese so as to form the eyeball. Press one olive to every eyeball. Make sure the pimiento faces up. Now, draw broken blood vessels in the stuffing using the toothpick dipped in red food color.

Stale Bath Water


12 oz frozen lemonade

2 liters lime soda

Half a gallon sherbet

Thaw the sherbet for about 15 minutes and place in a container. Prepare the lemonade according to package instructions and blend with the lime soda and the sherbet. At this point, the sherbet should melt and turn into grayish-brown liquid, much like used bathwater. You may use colored mints to float on your scummy-looking drink.

Gooey Brains


1 pack jello

1 carton cottage cheese, small-curd

1 can of berries of your choice, in thick syrup,

Food coloring

To prepare:

First, make the jello according to instructions. Set aside to chill. In a bowl, mix the cottage cheese and your choice of berries carefully, as cheese constitutes the brain matter. Add food color. On a serving plate, place a few tablespoonfuls of your jello, which makes for your brain fluid. Drizzle with thick syrup. Top with the cheese-berries mixture. Serve.

Make these recipes a part of your Halloween party menu. These are must-try gastronomic wonders that are bound to have your party guests screaming in utter delight.

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