Happy Halloween II — Halloween Customs

On the annual Nov.1 is the traditional Western festival of “Ghost Holiday” – Halloween, and Oct. 31 is the eve of Halloween, it usually known as the night before Halloween. But the atmosphere on this day is far from “horrible” as its name sounds.

The custom of Halloween was brought to America in the 1840’s by Irish immigrants fleeing their country’s potato famine. At that time, the favorite pranks in New England included tipping over outbuildings and unhinging fence gates. 

The best known and featured custom of Halloween are just the two – fantastic “Jack’s Lantern” and prank “Trick or Treat”. 

Every time at the arrival of Halloween, the children are all hurried to put on their colorful make-up costumes, wear various ridiculous masks on and carrying a “Jack Light” walk from house to house and begging for holiday gifts.

Trick or Treat 

The custom of trick-or-treat is thought to have originated not with the Irish Celts, but with a ninth-century European custom called souling. On November 2, All Souls Day, early Christians would walk from village to village and begging for “soul candies”, made out of square pieces of bread with raisins.

The more soul candies the beggars would receive, the more prayers they would promise to say on behalf of the dead relatives of the donors. At the time, it was believed that the dead remained in limbo for a time after death, and that prayer, even by strangers, could speed up a soul’s path to the heaven.

This is an important part in Halloween days on the dining table, you not only should ready for enough candies and cakes to entertain those naughty “devilkins”, but also to deck out your table with elaborate care in this special day. Never to let your guests look down with you!

 Jack’s Lantern

 The “Jack’s Lantern” custom probably comes from Irish folklore. As the tale is told, a man named Jack, who was notorious as a drunkard and trickster, tricked Satan into climbing a tree. Jack then carved an image of a cross in the tree’s trunk, trapping the devil up the tree. Jack made a deal with the devil that, if he would never tempt him again, he would promise to let him down the tree.

According to the folk tale, after Jack died, he was denied entrance to Heaven because of his evil ways, but he was also denied access to Hell because he had tricked the devil. Instead, the devil gave him a single ember to light his way through the frigid darkness. The ember was placed inside a hollowed-out turnip to keep it glowing longer.

The “Jack’s Lantern” looks very cute and lovely, and its could be bought out very simple: Take a pumpkin and hollowed out it, then engraved smiling eyes and a big mouth on the outside, then put a candle in and lit it, so people could able to see this naive and smiling face faraway, this is just the children’s favorite toy on Halloween.

The Irish used turnips as their “Jack’s lanterns” originally. But when the immigrants came to America, they found that pumpkins were far more plentiful than turnips. So the Jack-O-Lantern in America was a hollowed-out pumpkin, lit with an ember.

Custom Tradition Review

In the most “haunted” night, all kinds of demons, pirates, witches and extraterrestrial visitors will turn out one after another. In the era before Christ, the Celtics have the custom of to hold a ceremony at the end of the summer to express thanks for the benefactions given by God and the Sun, diviners of the time will light up fires and apply witchcrafts to drive away the demons and spirits that wandering around.

Later, the custom of Romans that using nuts and apples to celebrate harvest was fused with the custom of Celtics on October 31, and In the Middle Ages, people were accustomed to put on costumes of animal designs, and worn terrible masks to drive away ghosts and demons in the night before Halloween. Although the Christianism had taken place of the Celtic and Roman’s religious activities later, these early Halloween customs have been kept down finally.

The Halloween we celebrate today includes all of these influences, Pomona Day’s apples, nuts, and harvest, the Festival of Samhain’s black cats, magic, evil spirits and death, and the ghosts, skeletons and skulls from All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day.

So, although some cults may have adopted Halloween as their favorite “holiday,” the day itself did not grow out of evil practices. It grew out of the rituals of Celts celebrating a new year, and out of Medieval prayer rituals of Europeans. And today, even many churches have Halloween parties or pumpkin carving events for the kids. After all, the day itself is only as evil as one cares to make it.

Today, children wear on a variety of Halloween costumes and masks jokingly to attend Halloween parties, and people has been familiar with the scene of various witches made of paper, black cats, skeletons and ghost figures hanging on the walls of the parties, also in front of windows and doors there are pumpkin lanterns with bare teeth and open mouths or formidable faces.

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Happy Halloween VIII ? Colorful Halloween Decorations

The Design Colors used in Halloween Decoration

— Orange is the Themed Color of Halloween  

Echoes with “Jack’s Lantern”, the color black and orange are traditional colors on the eve of Halloween, and the representatives of black there are black cats, spiders and witches, while the representative of orange is pumpkin lantern (Jack-O’-Lantern), all these decorations are familiar symbols of Halloween.

During the Halloween, you could deck the large dinning table in your home with orange, yellow and green thus to produce a thick ambience of village, accompanied with rural music emitted from stereo, oh! It’s so warm and cozy!

Today, a mass of purple, green and red have begun been used with Halloween decorations. If the home furnishings in your dining room are more suited with these colors, well then they could also bring you great inspirations for your holiday decoration.

* Symbols of Halloween
— Pumpkin is The Most Popular Figure in Halloween  

Among all symbols of Halloween, the pumpkin figure is most popular

Halloween also called “Ghost Holiday” in the West, so many symbols of the Halloween are themed with ghosts and demons, but among them there are also lovely symbols like pumpkin lanterns and scarecrows. Whether on a Jack’s Lantern in your hands or those furnishings on dining table or in dining room, pumpkins could be seen everywhere.

Try and take some minds for the festival, you can choose some storage tanks, small decorations that shaped in “pumpkin head”, or use your hands to make some napkins, placemats that formed into big pumpkins, with these you could dress your table uniquely and full of moods, which is very important for holding a successful party.

* Unique Style Home Furnishings
— Special Ideas for Halloween Decoration

An exquisite candle holder could bring more fun to Halloween decorations easily for us, and to choose candlestick as a Halloween decoration also is very economical. You only should to spend a small amount of money and buy a variety of novel candleholders to deck your dining table in holiday, whose wonderful patterns and aromas could show your high taste prominently. Even these candlesticks are only been displayed on the dining side-tables, they could also acted as kind of elegant embellishments for your happy life. The base of iron candlestick could bring a qualified sense of weight, matched with long candles in solid colors, it can reflect out dazzling sheens.

Simple structure is also a bright spot in the design of this type of candlesticks, using them to deck your dining table could produce unique flavors in Halloween. And small candlesticks are also a good choice, the color of light rose could foil joyful moods well and bring more warm to this festival, and leave you beautiful memories to this special holiday too.

When we choose home furnishings for decoration, flower is always an important factor that could bring us joy and beauty, so in Halloween our dining tables could not keep them away. You can select a bone china flower vase and several wild chrysanthemums matched with it, or to buy some dried flowers that stained with orange, all these are good ideas that keeping with the occasion and the time well.

No matter to choose what decoration or furnishings to decorate your home in this Halloween, I believe they could all bring surprises and enjoyments to our life. Even if you have never been abroad, and never enjoyed this holiday really, as long as you have mastered the furnishing skills of the home life, and as long as you could pay more intention to collect the knowledge of the life with home furnishings and home decoration, I believe you could become a true connoisseur of life and fashion finally.

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Halloween Gift Ideas and Greeting Cards

Halloween Gift Ideas

It’s Boo Day and of course you want the spirits ride as high as the witches and the ghosts

flying high in the night sky, right ? So add a little spook to the weather, carve out a pumpkin, get donned as a vampire or a super hero or a mummy and

just bewitch your friends, family or beloved with some happening Halloween gifts ! Let

your folks unwrap their way to some cool Halloween gifts that have your warm personal touch in them. Here are a bunch of Halloween gift ideas that are going to knock the socks off your folks this Halloween !

Getting your friend or sweetheart some
candy ? Just get a colored paper gift bag and

draw some spooky creature on it. Give it two beady eyes that glow in the dark. Put the candies wrapped in tissue paper in the bag and there you are—you just finished making one ‘evil’ bag of ‘goodies’ !

Halloween themed garage door signs or doormats that say “trick

or treat
” or simply “boo!” can be apt

Halloween gifts for your favorite neighbors or relatives. They’re sure to be amused at these whacky Halloween gift ideas of yours.

Halloween themed barrettes, Halloween themed baskets with witch-faces on them can be cool gifts for your young daughter or niece. Halloween themed satin gift pillow is one

very good Halloween gift idea too. On the spookiest night of the

year, a “boo” pillow will definitely sit right in the room.

Now if you are willing to splurge, one of the fanciest Halloween gift ideas is the super hero costumes for the little kiddos. Young children

dressed up like superman or batman make an adorable sight on Halloween. Young girls spruced up as witches or sorceresses are equally bewitching. And they can

even use these costumes later for school costume parties or family functions.

Wizard hats and other costume accessories like fake swords, devil’s forks are good Halloween gift ideas too. These will help the young ones stand

out in the crowd and can easily make them the spotlight of any Halloween party. T-shirts with
Jack O’ Lanterns printed on them, pumpkin tattoos, pumpkin or witches’ broom earrings are also peachy ideas for Halloween gifts and will help foster the

Halloween look further.

You can also gift your dear ones a Halloween themed picture frame. For a very

close friend, you may gift the frame with a collage of pictures from past Halloweens that you celebrated together. Your feelings won’t go unnoticed.

And nostalgia will make your Halloween gift frame a wee bit precious too !

You can never hope to bring out the eerie in the Halloween night without

the lights, can you? So Halloween themed candles and electric lights can be yet some more great Halloween gift ideas for Halloween revelers far and near.

Skeletons that have lights for eyes or candles with scary faces can create the spooky feel of the Halloween night. So you can go for these just as well. Gift

Halloween lights to your buddies,

beloved or family and brighten up their Halloween night.

Sean Carter writes on holidays, events and celebrations around the world. He also writes on family, relationships,womens issues birthdays,inspiration, religion, love and friendship. He is a writer with special interest in ecard industry. He writes for 123greetings.com

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Halloween Costume Ideas

What’s Halloween without an upbeat costume camaraderie ? No charismatic Halloween costumes in your kitty and you’re most likely to fall out of the freak-wave that surges through all and sundry during Halloween !The funkier and freakier your Halloween costume, the more the fun and thrill. Demands for Halloween costumes go sky-high almost a month before the most-awaited Halloween night. And the stores generously oblige with scary Halloween masks and peachy props to pep up people’s Halloween guise !

Now halloween Halloween no longer remains a kid’s holiday today. People of higher age-groups are equally ‘spell-bound’ by the spirits of Halloween ! While men go for scary Halloween costumes, women prefer to charm in more feminine and coquettish costumes on Halloween. Greeting cards and Halloween decorating props also witness record sale figures along with Halloween party supplies and Halloween costumes. Halloween props from the grooviest to the wildest, offbeat to the upbeat—hit the shelves at all stores all over. Halloween props and Halloween costumes during this season.

It’s great to watch a world of spooks and demons, monsters and aliens unleash before you as Halloween fever takes over with a ghastly intensity. !Halloween costumes and masks have a whopping range and can be anything under the sun that grabs the attention. It can be anything from Frankenstein to Porky Pig, killer wolves to goofy clowns, Tom Cruise to Scooby Doo, dancing dolls to wacko witches, black cats to batman, honeybees to a bag of beans and so on.

But what do people do in these Halloween costumes ? Answer is simple—bewitch ! Either in a party or just going about in the neighborhood with a whole bunch, the idea is to bewitch all and charm looker-ons in unwonted Halloween gears. Some even go haunting about a haunted house with their folks, while some others spend a romantic Halloween night with their folks, while some others spend a romantic Halloween night with their spookhearts. Now let’s get down to some kooky costume ideas for your Halloween:

Play a ghost !

The most common and easy-to-do Halloween costume—cover yourself with a white sheet and cut out holes for eyes and mouth. Other colors would also do; who said ghosts can’t be colorful ? You can deck this one up more with red-colored spray paints or may be with a crooked hat.

Go ghoulish !

Get some macabre Halloween masks and spruce up the rest in keeping with the face you choose to give yourself. You can go for wolf masks or monster masks if you’re planning to look scary. Alternatively, you can preen in celebrity Halloween masks or go for masks replicating your favorite cartoon character

Old is gold !

You can even choose a classic Halloween costume in antiquity theme—may be wigs, tattoos, headbands and other accessories which belong to older times.

Paint it scary !

If you’ve had enough of Halloween masks and the Halloween props for some years now, do something different this time. Paint your face ! You can choose to look either horrific or funny—but giving a face to yourself is going to be fun for sure. So be a Dr. Jekyll or a Mr. Hyde—the choice is yours !

Prop up the poise !

Just prop up your Halloween with the screamingly freaky Halloween props like body parts, tombstones, blood-stained axes, broomsticks, broken fences, distortion mirrors, detachable brains and hearts, batty wings, fog machines, bleeding knives and much more.

Sean Carter writes on holidays, events and celebrations around the

world. He also writes on family, relationships,womens issues birthdays inspiration, religion, love and

friendship. He is a writer with special interest in ecard industry. He writes for 123greetings.com

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Halloween Worldwide – Which Country Does Celebrate Halloween?

Halloween was originally a pagan holiday celebrated by Celtic people and born from the pagan holiday “Samhain”.

Samhain is a holiday that celebrates the dark season of the Celtic year. Gallic people also celebrated this holiday; which was called “Samonios”. Samonios has been replaced in Gallic countries by Christian celebrations.

Samhain was celebrated three days before and three days after November 1st and the origin of there was no carved pumpkin nor trick or treating. People had a lantern made out of a turnip. The celebration was strictly observed by the whole society and gave the opportunity to every barbarian to eat, drink and have fun.

Over the centuries, continental Europe converted to Christianity and abandoned Samonios in favour of All Saints Day and Samhain became All Hallow’s Eve.

However, the Halloween that we currently celebrate has nothing in common with Samhain.

Halloween and All Saints Day are still interrelated because Halloween means “The Night Before the Feast of All Saints” and “All Hallow’s Day” is our Continental All Saints Day.

All Hallow’s Eve; which evolved during the Christianization of European populations, was imported in America by European colonists and the current Halloween holiday was created by the Irish emigrants.

In Belgium, two villages still celebrate Samonios (Samhain), born from All Saints Day, Grindin and Saint Gregory holidays. One of these villages is Gouy-Lez-Pieton. A friend of mine lives in Gouy and when I talk about Halloween, she says: “We did not replace Saint Nicholas holiday by Christmas so, we will not replace our All Saints Day and our Day Of The Dead by Halloween!” However, she agreed to organize a Halloween party with me next year.

Here are some countries which celebrate Halloween:

If some continental European countries adopted Halloween, this has not been without difficulty. Indeed, we consider this celebration being too “American Marketing” style. European people give more value to their culture and traditions than to commercial events.

Belgian people celebrate Halloween since more than ten years but Gouy-Lez-Pieton refuses to adopt it, preferring to celebrate their own Samhain-style holiday. Even if Belgian people organize a Day Before Christmas dinner, they still offer gifts to children on December 6th and not on December 25th. So, I doubt that my country will replace All Saints Day by Halloween.

On the other hand, Belgian people do not open their doors to unknown persons – including children – and we are not welcomed to ask for candies. By the way, many children are fighting in the streets to steal candy from others.

French people think that this holiday is too commercial and while this country finally adopted Halloween in the late 1990s, it is now less appreciated. There are very few children ringing at the doors and asking for sweets.

English people celebrate the Guy Fawkes Day on November 5th and adopted many customs from Samhain. These festivities are marked by torchlight parades where children use masks made from beets and pumpkins.

Scottish people practice their ancient pagan rites. Children wear costumes and cut scary faces into large rutabagas and place a candle inside them. They receive candy when they provide a nice entertainment to their neighbours.

Trick or treating originated in Ireland, so as usual, Irish children in disguise will enjoy the Halloween festivities, they will carry lanterns cut into large rutabagas. Children will be received by their neighbours with sweets and Irish houses will be decorated with Halloween lights.

Spanish people enjoy each kind of holidays and parties. Their kids will then enjoy receiving candies from their neighbours and adults will have the opportunity to have a Halloween party in each and every club. Spanish people also organize many Halloween parades.

Portugal does not celebrate Halloween; Portuguese people celebrate the Day of the Dead by organizing feasts at the cemetery.

Some regions of Italy organize Halloween Events and it seems that the Italian children enjoy this holiday.

Other European cities and clubs organize commercial events for Halloween (mainly for tourists), newspapers publish articles dedicated to Halloween, but I am unsure that people really practice Halloween. There are very few information about Halloween festivities in Europe; especially Central and eastern Europe. They stick to their own All Saints Day and Day Of The Dead.

Australia and New Zealand begin to enjoy Halloween.

USA, Canada, and Quebec: Halloween is very much appreciated and I think that only some worldwide disaster should prevent these people to celebrate Halloween.

Since some years, there is a growing interest on the part of the Chinese population for western events: Chinese people enjoy Halloween parties.

D. Halet is an European history, Holidays and Tarot Cards passionate; she writes articles and creates websites dedicated to these subjects.
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Why We Dress Up in Halloween Costume at Halloween Time?

Did you know that the origins of Halloween and Halloween fancy dress date back 2000 years to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in).

The Celts celebrated their new year on November the 1st as it was this day which marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter which was often associated with death.

The Celts were under the impression that at the start of their new year that the worlds between the living and the dead became blurred.  Due to the other-worldly spirits they felt existed; the Celts saw this as the time to make predictions of the future, providing them with comfort through the cold winter months.

It was at that time that the dressing up started (Halloween fancy dress). To be closer to the spirits the Celts word start bonfires, have public parades, dress up in a ghoulish fashion in an attempt to tell each others fortune, during this spooky time.  

The Romans then conquered the Celtics and they combined two Roman festivals, Feralia which commemorated the dead in late October, and Pomona to celebrate the Roman goddess of fruit (hence bobbing apples at Halloween time).

In the 800s the influence of Christianity had spread and the thought is that Pope made the decision to replace the festival of the dead which the Celtics started with a church holiday called “All Saints” day, to honour saints and martyrs.  That celebration was also known as All-hallows or All-hallowmas and eventually the name Halloween was derived.   Due to the link to the saints at Halloween time people now dress up in Halloween fancy dress: as saints, angles as-well as devils.

Halloween remains to be one of the busiest nights of the year in the UK, with people paving wearing all types of Halloween costumes and accessories.  It now takes a much more light hearted approach with the young and not so young wearing scary Halloween fancy dress and going door to door for treats or attending a Halloween party.  Many of the Holiday parks around the UK such as Butlins or Haven holidays, have Halloween themed breaks, for families who love to get involved in Halloween festivities.

Black and orange are the traditional colours for Halloween costumes, however in recent Halloween images the use of purple, green and red have also become prominent in Halloween fancy dress and are now associated with Halloween costume tradition.  Other traditions at Halloween time include the use of Pumpkins, carved with a scary face (or friendly one) with lit candles inside, this stems from an Irish tradition of carving lanterns which stems back centuries.

Bonfires and Halloween fancy dress have remained a large part of Halloween and popular with both children and adults.   

The Christopher Robin fancy dress shop based in Weymouth, Dorset has been selling Halloween fancy dress costumes across the UK for over 25 years. 

Speaking to the shop manager, among the best sellers for Halloween include the traditional witch and vampire costumes along with the more extravagant Halloween costumes such as “Corpse Bride” and “Punk Zombie”.

As for childresn’s Halloween fancy dress, the Skelton costumes for boys and the Witch Fairy with tutu are popular costume choices for girls at Halloween time.

If you are worried about getting your hair wet, when participating in apple bobbing (remember earlier mention of the Roman god of fruit), why not buy a Halloween wig.  Christopher Robin fancy dress have a great selection of Halloween wigs and masks, men’s Halloween wigs, women’s wigs for Halloween etc. They also have a range of Halloween props in the shop, if they are not online give them a call sure they will be happy to help make your Halloween party a great success.

To see their full range of fancy dress costumes for your Halloween festivities visit Christopher Robin here: www.christopher-robin.co.uk

Expert in fancy dress costumes and party goods. Supplier of fancy dress costumes across the UK for over 25 years.
Visit the Christopher Robin website or visit the family run fancy dress shop in Weymouth, Dorset

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Halloween Gifts

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on the night of October 31.  It is a fun holiday when children will dress in their favorite costumes and go out trick-or-treating for candies.  This article examines the origin of Halloween, and provides some ideas for Halloween gifts. 


Halloween has its origin in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain.  The festival of Samhain was a celebration of the end of the harvest season, and could be regarded as the Celtic New Year.  The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, the boundary between the alive and the dead disappeared, and the dead became dangerous for the living by causing illness, damaged crops, and other problems.  Costumes and masks were worn at the festival to mimic the evil spirits or placate them.


The name “Halloween” is shortened from All Hallows’ Eve as it is the eve of “All Hallows’ Day”, which is now known as All Saints’ Day. Although All Saints’s Day now occurs one day after Halloween, the Celts started every day at sunset of the night before.  Hence Samhain became “the evening of All Hallows”. Traditional activities for Halloween include costume parties, carving pumpkins to make Jack-o-lanterns (carved pumpkin lit by a candle inside), trick-or-treating, or reading scary stories. Irish immigrants carried versions of these tradition to North America in the nineteenth century. Traditional characters of Halloween include ghosts, witches, vampires, bats, black cats, goblins, skeletons, pumpkin-man, scarecrow and fictional figures such as Dracula. Halloween gifts often include one of these characters for the festivities.


The Halloween gift basket is a great gift for your favorite trick-or-treater.  Most Halloween gift baskets have a Jack-O-Lantern pail since Jack-O-Lantern is the symbol of Halloween. One popular gift basket includes popcorn, candy corn (popular Halloween candy), other Halloween candies, a plush black cat dressed as a witch, a pumpkin carving kit for recipients to make Jack-O-Lantern, and a pumpkin flash light for safety during trick-or-treating. This gift is truly a must have for Halloween!Another version of Halloween gift basket comes with a Halloween puzzle for the kids, in addition to plenty of treats.  For more dramatic effects, you can send a Count Dracula gift basket. This basket consists of a plush black bear dressed as Dracula holding on to his favorite chocolate covered pumpkins. The basket also contains many other treats, including Bat Bits of yogurt pretzels, munchies, bubble gums, shortbread cookies, chocolate toffees and peanut butter pretzel nuggets. This gift basket is sure to bring everyone into the Halloween spirit.


For your college students and loved ones away from home, sending them a Halooween care package or gift box will remind them of the fun of Halloween while they were at home. A popular care package consists of a 14″ black cat in a pumpkin outfit and lots of all-American favorite Halloween treats in a trick-or-treat bag. Inside the bag are candy corn, chocolate ghosts, microwave buttern popcorn, Halloween peanut butter filled pumpkin, and Halloween candies. Sending the care package is a good way to let your recipients know you care about them.


To share the Halloween spirit, You can leave a gift tote on your neighbors door step, put it on a coworker’s desk at work, or send it to your favorite goblin far away. Inside the gift bag is a plush ghost, miniature marshmallow pumpkins, candies, peanut butter cup, miniature candy treats bags, cookies, and 2 creepy crawlers gummy worms.


The Halloween candy cake is another unique gift.  The candy cake is a collection of candy pumpkins, chocolate fudge filled ghosts, Twix bars, Halloween pumpkins, miniature chocolates, ghost peeps, candy corn filled coffins, and miniature candy bars.


Halloween is about witches and black cat.  Your little trick or treater may dream of creating hexes and potions. A popular Halloween gift bag is filled with Halloween candies, marshmallow Peeps ghosts, Halloween glow stick, miniature candy bars, miniature snickers bars, cookies, candy treats, microwave popcorn, and potions bottle with powdered candy. An adorable Halloween teddy bears is dressed as a witch and ready to fly away in her broomstick to deliver the delicious treats to your special goblin.


The little witch may also dream of her black cat.  The singing plush black cat is another great gift.  This Spooky little Cat delivers his own version of the pop hit “Spooky Little Cat Like You”.  Ghosts, ghouls and goblins alike will love this lively tune and this spooky kitty!


In conclusion, Halloween is for fun activities and candy treats. Send a Halloween gift basket, care package, gift box, or a singing black cat to your favorite trick-or-treats, and they will remember the fun and love that you share. 


Kate S is the CEO of Gift Basket for All, LLC.  You can shop at her website, http://www.giftbasketforall.com, for sensational gift baskets for all occasions, including anniversary, holidays, new baby, birthday, corporate events, get well, sympathy.  


For products information on Halloween Gifts, visit:http://www.giftbasketforall.com/page/1333483 

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Sexy Halloween Ideas For Your Halloween Costumes This Year

Halloween has always been a very interesting and exciting time of the year, not only for children but for adults as well. Many adults love the idea of dressing up for Halloween. Whether it is for passing out candy, attending a Halloween Ball or any other sort of spooky activity, having the excellent costume really sets the stage for a fun and fantastic time. However, adults should be able to find just the right Halloween costume, even if they are older and bigger than children are. Actually, in the past 5 years costume stores have realized an increase in the requirements for adults costuming. Halloween and its origins seem to unnerve some individuals, however, this does not diminish its popularity since in the past few years, and adults have a wish to join in the merrymaking of Halloween fun, by donning their own sexy costumes.

Sexy Halloween costumes are so well loved they are becoming the new classic in Halloween attire. A few of the most fashionable sexy Halloween costumes for adults are costumes that feature a Middle and Far Eastern flair such as a belly dancer. These sexy Halloween for adults are quite charming as well as alluringly mischievous. Unbelievably, a wonderful choice of a Celtic fairy or gypsy costumes has the ability of offering just the right amount of mischief and a sexy flair to the quality to the female sense of fantastic fun while wearing a sexy adult Halloween costume.

Halloween has a lot to offer men as well when it comes to the perfect Halloween costume. As there have been many recent movies featuring the intriguing legends of piracy, this has created a rave review of men who wear sexy adult costumes, especially that of a dashing swash buckling pirate. Moreover, the classic of using a toga when portraying a sexy Greek or Roman God or Goddess is always a thrilling Halloween costume idea. However, we must remember that both men and women love to get in on the fun while attending a Halloween activity while dressed up as their favorite sexy superhero. Although, any adult should keep in mind while choosing their sexy Halloween costume that the custom is a good choice for them while it should be complimentary as well. For instance some women may prefer the fantasy of being a pirate, there are many others who will absolutely shine while dresses as a sexy fairy nymph for Halloween. Choosing the sexiest Halloween costume is about not only the type of costume, but also how well it compliments the wearer.

In some locations throughout the United States and beyond, sexy adult Halloween costumes are very hard to locate. Although there are a few areas that carry an excellent line of adult Halloween costumes, many do not always carry a selection large enough to fit the need, and they do not necessarily cater to the needs of special interest for an adult. For instance, a small woman may be able to get into a large costume of a child; however, there is not much interest and flair when showing up in a child size Roly Poly Ollie costume.

Halloween only comes one night of the year, and this gives many adults the opportunity to indulge their alter ego, publicly. It is an enchanting night set aside especially for play and fantasy. This is why adults chose to enjoy their night of an alter ego as they indulge with the greatest glee. Finding the best Halloween costume is part of acting out an alter ego. Whether a man wants to pretend to be Darth Vader or a sexy vampire or if a woman prefers to be a Goddess or a football player, sexy Halloween costuming offers them their opportunity to be childlike once more.

For some individuals a perfectly sexy adult Halloween costume may just be something totally different and unique. There are several interesting game costumes, such as a Twister costume as well as many other playful costumes such as gangster, flapper and scary ghoulish costumes. On the other hand, perhaps they may be attracted to such as cavemen, cavewomen, and even a condom package costumes. Many sexy adults Halloween costumes are available online. Many people are able to find their perfect costume by using the internet, which saves both time and money. Halloween is a very busy holiday so being able to order a stunning costume online is worthwhile and simple.

For those adults who are a bit shyer and have a high taste for the value of education, there is historical adult Halloween costumes, such as Marie Antoinette, George Washington Carver, Cleopatra or Abraham Lincoln come to mind. Since those born in the baby boomer, generation may have not been able to indulge in playing dress up for Halloween through their adult lifetime, historical costumes may ease the way into becoming comfortable with dressing up for the Halloween holiday. It seems that baby boomers did not often have the opportunity to pretend dress up of an alter ego very often if at all. However, today, things are more relaxed and everyone has the opportunity to let their hair down or even pin it up in the name of Halloween fun.

In these modern times both men and women are able to find the perfect sexy warrior costume to enact their fantasy of pent up aggressions to the world at large for at least one night of the year. Many work places feature dressing up for Halloween as this also gives a relief from the everyday working of a job while adding a bit of humor to the daily activities. Today adult Halloween costumes come in a wide assortment of choices from prehistoric to out of this world, no matter if you want to spice it up looking all hot and sexy or showing up as a mighty and strong outlaw, dressing up for Halloween offers this type of opportunity for everyone.

Halloween night is one of the best times for adults to dress up for the evening. Besides as adults we need a little fun and stress free time to keep us well balanced. The perfect adult Halloween costume is an aid in the process of role-playing while indulging the child inside us all to come out and play, even if for just one night.

Sue and Fred give Halloween costume purchasing advice and offers it freely for sexy Halloween costumes Go to http://www.costumecauldron.com for details.

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Halloween Fonts – Ideas & Recommendations

Halloween is one of the most awaited holidays by kids and adults alike. Some of the best and most fun parties have been Halloween parties. AscenderFonts.com offers many great Halloween fonts and ideas for Halloween cards, invitations, posters, projects and more.

Here are a few Halloween font suggestions from our website that can make your Halloween a most memorable one:

Draculon™ is an animated, casual Halloween font inspired by the letterforms of William Orcutt’s Humanistic font from 1904 which was in turn based on an Italian manuscript from 1485. The subjects for Draculon were probably something about vampires and pirates or even worse: the dreaded vampirates. Designed by Ray Larabie.

Mister Twiggy™ can be used as a bloody font for Halloween. It brings a horror font effect to your Halloween Font projects. Mister Twiggy was licensed from the Chank font collection and is a very scary font to use for Halloween.

What a better Halloween font than this blood-dripping classic Creepy™ font. This Halloween font is a versatile, entertaining design that can be used whenever a scary, ghoulish event comes along. The Creepy font is one of our most popular Halloween fonts that we have to offer.

Nueland™ Inline gives off an x-ray vision effect for Halloween. It is like you are looking at the fonts bones, but you can still see Nueland Inline’s outer layer. Nueland Inline Halloween fonts are a layered decorative font that is assertive and extremely cool.

Maychurch™ is a spooky font that conjures up images of spirits, ghosts and the afterlife. This Halloween font portrays a great Halloween theme when looking for scary and ghoulish fonts for Halloween. The Maychurch font was designed by Ray Larabie.

Graveblade™ is a horror font that is one of the scariest Halloween fonts around. The Graveblade is a Halloween font that will give scary and frightening affect for any Halloween font project! Designed by Ray Larabie.

Prickly™ font was made for the Cartoon Network’s character Zorak. It can be used as a great Halloween font for Halloween cards, invitations, scrapbooks and more. This Halloween font can also be used for a Haunted House or any other Halloween font project. Prickly was licensed from Chank Diesel.

To view these Halloween fonts and more fonts for Halloween, go to: http://www.ascenderfonts.com/info/halloween-fonts.aspx

Halloween isn’t just ghosts, wicked witches and monsters or about candy or costumes. Halloween is a perfect time for spending time with family and friends. Whether it be turning your house into a haunted house or inviting guests to an entertaining spooky night…creating Halloween projects using our very scary and ghoulish Halloween fonts is the best receipe for this Halloween season.

Please view our Home page to view more impressive and innovative fonts!

Rex Camposagrado with a font foundry called Ascender Corporation. Website: www.AscenderFonts.com

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Most Popular Halloween Costumes for 2008

Halloween is just around the corner and if you are like others, you are now contemplating what costumes you should buy for yourself and your kids. Well, if you wish to have a great costume and wow everyone or ensure you find ones so your children are wearing ones that are popular you had better begin thinking about ordering or buying the costumes early. If you wait until the week of Halloween, you may be too late to find the ones your children desire or that you may want to wear. Nothing is more embarrassing for yourself or your children than to wear a Halloween costume from last year and is no longer considered popular.

Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for baby boys or girls this year.
1. Baby Elephant
2. Baby Lamb
3. Baby Giraffe
4. Baby Kitty
5. Baby Penguin
6. Lil’ Pumkin’ Pie
7. Baby Tootsie
8. Baby Pizza
9. Baby Ice Cream
10. Baby Monkey

Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for toddler boys this year.
1. Pikachu
2. Ash Ketchum
3. Spiderman Fiber Optic Halloween Costume
4. Dash Children’s Halloween Costume
5. Spiderman Halloween Costume
6. Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume
7. Woody Halloween Costume
8. Bob the Builder Halloween Costume
9. Lightning McQueen Pit Crew Costume
10. Special Ranger Halloween Costume

Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for toddler girls this year.
1. Aurora Prestige Halloween Costume
2. Cinderella Prestige Halloween Costume
3. Snow White Prestige Halloween Costume
4. Belle Prestige Halloween Costume
5. Ariel Children’s Halloween Costume
6. Little Bo Peep Costume
7. Tinker Bell
8. Jesse Children’s Halloween Costume
9. Sock Monkey Costume
10. Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume

Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for girls this year.
1. Girls Gothic Vampira Halloween Costume
2. Chronicles of Narnia Lucy Costume
3. Hannah Montana with Jacket & Wig Costume
4. Snowflake Princess Halloween Costume
5. Bat Chick Halloween Costume
6. Charmed Witch Halloween Costume
7. Sassy Vampiress Halloween Costume
8. Rock Diva Halloween Costume
9. Minnie Mouse Halloween Costume
10. Cinderella Prestige Halloween Costume

Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for boys this year.
1. Naruto Halloween Costume
2. Lil’ Vampire Costume
3. Dash Children’s Halloween Costume
4. Kid’s Ninja Warrior Halloween Costume
5. Child Iron Man Costume
6. Children’s Alien Halloween Costume
7. Children’s Ghost Rider Costume
8. Kakashi Halloween Costume
9. Wolverine Halloween Costume
10. Sailor of Death Halloween Costume

Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for teen girls this year.
1. Juniors Daisy Bug Halloween Costume
2. Elizabeth Empiress Halloween Costume
3. Deluxe Elizabeth Pirate Halloween Costume
4. Devil Fairy Halloween Costume
5. Genie Princess Costume
6. Fembot Costume
7. Juniors Rebel Snow Princess Halloween Costume
8. Juniors Tea Party Hostess Halloween Costume
9. Juniors Miss Alice Halloween Costume
10. Juniors All Star Player Halloween Costume

Here is a list of the top 10 costumes for teen boys this year.
1. Ghost Rider Costume
2. Captain Jack Sparrow Halloween Costume
3. Davy Jones Halloween Costume
4. Sailor of Death Halloween Costume
5. Maccus Sharkman Children’s Costume
6. Sir Peter, Knight of Wolfsbane War Costume
7. Captain Jack Sparrow Children’s Premium Costume
8. Harry Potter Halloween Costume
9. Gangster Halloween costume
10. Dr. Doom Halloween Costume

Chad Hosrtman is an expert on Halloween and all great costumes available. To learn more about the great costumes available visit Halloween Costumes, Funny Costumes, and Children’s Halloween Costumes.

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